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I made a new world called Martoele Lowlands. More information in the download section under the tag “Worlds”. Here I show you already the header pic of my world.



Today I have published a new story of only two chapters. It’s called Fortune or Misfortune…?

Banner Fortune or Misfortune

You can read it HERE


Today I’ve made some new paintings for Sims 3. You can see the photos, the details and you can download them going to the Banner>Downloads>Paintings.


That was a long time since I was here on my blog but I haven’t been sitting and reading. No! Since my last world I was hooked by the Create a World tool… so I have been making yet another world. Some weeks ago it has been published already by The Sims Resource and they liked it so much that they promoted me to Select Artist for the category Worlds.

Now I present you to my second world: Martoele Riverbanks…

Martoele Riverbanks for my blog

You might wonder why it is so hazy… Well, I took this pic right from behind a big waterfall. Anyway I will add more pics in the category Downloads>Worlds>Martoele Riverbanks.. I really hope you like it.


Martoele Meadows

Since the last time I wrote about this world, some mayor changes have been made… I almost screwed this world up and overflooded all the land. I had the idea of putting the sea level higher. It was horrible… sail boats were sailing through the streets and over the grass. I almost wanted to throw it all away….

Then I went back to a former version in my CAW files and picked it up. I lowered the cliffs so it looks more pleasant. These last few weeks I’ve been working almost day and night to finish the world.

More information and the downloads are in the category Downloads>Worlds>Martoele Meadows.


Today I decided to dedicate a page to other sites. If you click in the Header on the word ‘Banners’ you will see them and clicking on them takes you directly to their sites.


Today I publish the glorious 🙂 ending to this story of Fred and Barb. Who would have expected this end? Please read it HERE.

5 Yonder 38


Yes, this goes very fast… As the story was written by my friends in the English language, I don’t have to do much more than adapt the images and publish the story chapters. So now you will find part 3 of the story ‘Fred in Yonderland’. Just click HERE.

3 Yonder 20

And just continue to part 4 of this story. It’s about ‘Magical powers and stomach butterflies’.

4 Yonder 39


Finally I’ve got the first chapter of one of the first Sims3 stories (if not the very first one) Fredbrenny wrote together with Barb (Spitzmagic.. It will be the story with 5 chapters and it will be the first of the Saga: Sisters Fred & Barb.  I’ve created already a special page for these stories, born from the colaboration of both of my favorite writers. You will find the first part HERE. The story is called ‘Fred in Yonderland’.

Yonder 01Anyway… now could you as well read part 2 of the same story…. Hahaha…. There you will notice that Fred doesn’t know the saying ‘Curiosity kills the cat’. You can read it HERE.



This one is the last chapter of Barb’s story ‘Tonight I love you forever’. The easiest way now is to click on the image. This whole story will be put in it’s correct place. In the header you will find >Guest Authors>Spitzmagic and all her interesting stories.

Tonight Ch 3 - 03


The second part of Barb’s story has been published. You can find it HERE.

Tonight Ch 2 - 25


A new year – a new start. This time with Chapter 1 of a story by Barb – Spitzmagic. A very romantic title: Tonight I Love You Forever…

Banner Tonight EnglishYou can go to the story in the Header or just click on this image.


Using the summary made by WordPress for my blog, I’d like to express my best wishes for the coming year to the visitors of this blog.  A Happy New Year 2015 for all of you!


There’s now a completely new page here in the banner. Have a look at it: MartoeleMeadows World for Sims3. I’m looking for some of you who would like to beta test it and make a list of problems and give their opinion on what should be changed before I offer the world to download. In the World page you’ll see more details.



Today I made some shutter for the small EA windows. Get them HERE.


I have some shutters to download. Go and have a look at them in the download section.


A precious love story written by Fredbrenny is ‘Where did you go to my Love…’. You can find the story in the Header>Guest Authors>Fredbrenny>Where did you go to my love. If you don’t have the patience to follow these instructions you could click the next image…



Very touching is the very short story Spladoum wrote:

Road 01


I’m so pleased having time enough now. So I have been able to publish some stories of the guest authors, who I’m proud can call ‘my friends’.  This time it’s another masterpiece of Spladoum. Find it in the Header>Guest Authors>Spladoum>The Stones…. or simply click the next image.

Stones1 - 01


Another complete story is here for you to read. This time it’s a story Fredbrenny wrote. With her humoristic touch, even a drama turns out very well. Read the story from the Header>Guest Authors>Fredbrenny>Swamped. But you can make it yourself easy by clicking here on the small banner.

Swamped extra


To end this ‘Affera & the Ghost’ series, Barb (Spitzmagic) wrote about her wedding and honeymoon with Charles. A very nice ending to this series. It’s in the Header>Guest Authors>Spitzmagic>Affera and the Ghosts… There you will find the whole series but you can click on the next image if you want to go directly to this last story.


Well… I just know that you’ll love the sequel to Barb’s story ‘A ghost in the attic’. The sequel is called ‘Ghostly Encounters’. Find it in the Header>Guest Authors>Spitzmagic or simply click the next banner.

Ghostly Encounters banner


Today I have changed the header banner of this page. Even if it’s still winter, the almond trees do have their blossom and that looks so promising…. Spring is near! 🙂

I’ve just published two short stories written by Spladoum. You can find them in the header of this page under ‘Guest authors > Spladoum’. Anyway I show you the small banner you can click on to get to the stories.

The first one is a fantasy story and it’s called ‘One Wish’.

Banner One Wish

The second one is called ‘No Escape’… Click on the next image… if you dare….

No Escape 16


This story ‘Come what may’ starts where ‘The Inheritance’ ended. You can find it as all the others under ‘My finished stories’ but as well clicking the next small banner.

Come what may


A new short series has been written. It’s five chapters long and it’s called ‘The Inheritance’. You will find it under my ‘Finished stories’ as well as when you click the banner here.

The Inheritance copy


It’s done! My whole series ‘Under the same Moon’ is published now in this blog. I took it to the place where it belongs… It’s under ‘My finished stories’. There you will find it. Those stories are all interconnected one way or another…. Well… at least up to this story. So if you’d like to know the roots of all the characters in this series, it would be good if you’d start at the beginning. At ‘Just another life story’. I really hope you’ll enjoy it.


‘Under the same Moon’ is the story I am publishing now. Today (well yesterday) I prepared 8 chapters to publish. They are already in the Header but you might as well click on this banner.

Banner Moon English


I managed to prepare and upload the last part of the series ‘Ups & Downs of the Hunter Twins’ as well. You can find it in the corresponding place of the series but you can click the next banner too.

Encounters Banner

Yes… the second part of the ‘Ups & Downs of the Hunter Twins’ series has been published already. If you’re too lazy to search for it in the Header, you can click on the next small banner.

The Hunter Twins - Travelling


In the header and under the section ‘My finished stories’, you can find the first part of another series, called The Ups & Downs of the Hunter Twins. This first part is called ‘The Hunter Tragedy’. Here I’ll show you the banner that will lead you as well to that story.

Banner Hunter Tragedy


Another Fredbrenny story has been published. I’m sure you’ll like it very much. Click on the small banner and you’ll be transported to another world.

Banner Abnerfield


There’s another story you will surely like. It’s a Fredbrenny story and it’s called ‘Lobster Thermidor & Autumn Salad’. Now 😉 you might wonder what’s this all about. Click on the small banner and you can read the whole story.

Banner Lobster 3


It’s still winter… so my header banner represents this season. It’s a screenshot from the EA world Riverview. Although I have all the EA worlds in my game, I use Sunset Valley the most (like almost everybody). However… Riverview is a beauty and very easy to work with for storytelling.


A new section has been created. You can see it in the banner. Short stories… the name speaks for itself: stories of only one chapter or about a special theme. The first short story was written by me for the Fratres World, created by Gissence and many other artists of TSR. This story talks a bit about the background of one of the in Fratres living families: The Stormyweather’s.

Click on the small banner and you can read it. Underneath the story there’s a link to SuumSim from where you can download the Fratres World for free.

The Stormyweathers banner*****

This blog is not only about stories. There is some stuff to download as well. Things you might well want to use in your sims 3 game. Yesterday I have added some garden furniture for download. If you explore the ‘Download’ section, you will find it. On this next image you can see how it looks like.

Muebles jardin


I’ve written a ‘one-chapter’ story for Valentine’s Day. It will be published the 13th of this month. Here I show you the banner for the story. It will be published under ‘Short stories’.

Banner A Valentine's Tale

Another story has been finished. It’s called ‘His Father’s Son’. You can find it in the banner under ‘My finished stories’. The story banner looks like as down here and if you click on it you will be linked to that story page.

Banner His Father's Son


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