Shipwrecked – Part 4

In the previous chapter we got to know more about Jeff’s background. Our survivors were worried about the future. There wouldn’t be other sims around for a serious relationship. They decided to try and make some kind of transmitter.

Part 4 - 01

John took on the task to teach little Nikki to talk. He was feeling relaxed for the first time since they shipwrecked. He had a beautiful wife and daughter, and he would give his life for both of them… He was happy.

The only shadow over his happiness was the uncertainty about whether they were going to be rescued or not, but he hoped George would finally find a way to communicate with the outer world.

Part 4 - 02

Wishing to make a transmitter was one thing, but making it gave George more problems than he had expected. There always was something missing. Besides that, he couldn’t find the soda can he thought he had seen before.  Now what should he use as an antenna?

Part 4 - 03

He often dreamed about it and would wake up with an idea.

Part 4 - 04

Then he went to the scrap pile in the middle of the night to see if his idea was a good one. Mostly he was disappointed.

At a certain point he asked Jeff and Jerome to help him look for what he needed. Jerome didn’t feel like it and used the ‘…I have to make my homework…’ excuse, but now and again he couldn’t escape and had to lend a helping hand as well.

Part 4 - 05

Jerome was going through the ‘difficult’ age, and Jeff and George understood why. It hadn’t been that long ago they had been teens themselves. But they were still too young to handle the situations the boy created.

Part 4 - 06

More than once they had to bring him back into line. That gave some conflictive moments.

Part 4 - 07

Rose adapted reasonably well to her new life on the island. She was happy she had taken up her job as a teacher.

Part 4 - 08

Her only fear was that when the children would grow up, she would be out of a job and wouldn’t have much to do anymore. She was already imagining it would feel like she was retiring way too young. She pushed away those thoughts and continued her tasks.

Part 4 - 09

Miriam liked her life. Of course, she didn’t have all the luxury she had been used to when living in the beautiful mansion where she grew up, but here she felt healthy, really healthy for the first time in years.

No doctors she had to visit, no more sessions of chemo therapy after which she had always felt worse. After that last session, they told her she could pick up her life again… but before doing so, she decided to go on this cruise.

She hadn’t even told John about the dark moments she had gone through, never wanted to talk about it, because she hated it when people looked at her with a pitiful expression on their face… No, she felt definitely better here, where nobody knew her background. She felt ‘complete’ with her husband and her daughter.

Part 4 - 10

She liked Rose very much and they often went for a walk together. As a matter of fact they had taken up the habit of walking through the canyon and visit the place where they buried Evelyn. They didn’t go there every day, but once every two weeks.

Part 4 - 11

They never dared to go through the forest because there was a creepy looking haze.

Part 4 - 12

They wanted to climb the mountain from where they would be able to overlook the west coast of the island, but that path was too inclined. They would have to work on their skills to be able to climb the entire way up.

Part 4 - 13

John and George already found their way up there, because they had been looking for a high place to build the antenna. Today it didn’t cost them much effort to climb that mountain again. They did noticed however, it would be a hell of a task to bring materials up there.

Part 4 - 14

George said: “You know, John, if we only could make a good strong antenna on a high point we wouldn’t need a radio transmitter or receiver because we could use our cell phones as such.”

Part 4 - 15

“Hey, how odd we didn’t think of that before! John said “Perhaps you can use the aluminum blades I have used to make the solar panels? But it would mean we would have less energy potential for our homes.”

“Yeah, I could use the aluminum to make the receiver’s part of an antenna. Let me think it over.” George answered

“George, why did you not pick up on the first idea you had about the receiver? The plaque I saw at your place looked good to me!”

Part 4 - 16

George scratched his head and answered: “Something very strange has been going on with that plaque. I thought it was complete but then the next day, there were some parts missing and I couldn’t find them anymore. I know it’s impossible here, but I would almost think somebody took them on purpose… If though someone didn’t want us to communicate with the outer world! But then… who in his right mind wouldn’t like to go back home?”

John looked puzzled: “Gee… not even Evelyn would’ve tried to abort that project. No, I think this is not possible.”

Part 4 - 17

They went down the mountain again and headed to the camp. They walked in silence, each with their own thoughts.

Part 4 - 18

Then Lizzy came running to them and seemed to be panicked… “Hey Lizzy… stop running! What’s the matter?”

Part 4 - 19

“I…, Jerome….” she gasped for breath.

“Just wait a moment girl… You have been running too fast. Catch your breath first.”

Part 4 - 20

After she had recovered her breath, Lizzy said: “Jerome hasn’t come to school today and I can’t find him anywhere!”

Part 4 - 21

The two men looked at each other and couldn’t believe what they heard…

Part 4 - 22

John was the first one who reacted. Let’s all go and find him. He might be hiding somewhere.

To be continued…


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Geboren in Nederland en met een spanjaard getrouwd. Sinds 1971 wonende in Las Palmas op de Kanarische Eilanden. Ik ben beroeps gids en mijn hobby is verhaaltjes te schrijven, die op het spel De Sims zijn geïnspireerd. Nací en Holanda y me casé con un español. Desde 1971 vivimos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Soy guía profesional y mi gran hobby es escribir historietas inspiradas en el juego de Los Sims.
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