His Father’s Son – Part 2

After this special experience, Raphael would spend every day a little time next to his father’s grave. He just told him his every day’s things. If he had a question, he used to ask his father. He didn’t speak but asked him in silence. After that, an answer would shop up in his mind. That did not always happen… only when it was important.

He didn’t want to bother his mom with these things, so he tried to find an answer at the Public Library. There he made his homework and he spent hours and hours reading. He was already considered as the local bookworm.

Cynthia observed all this and she thought that the boy needed other children because he was too young to be that serious. He should enjoy his youth.

So she sent him over the the Hemmingways to take a message to her friend Ilona. That message wasn’t really necessary but there he would meet Ilona’s oldest, Mattie. They were about the same age.

Ilona herself wasn’t home but Chester was and Raphael gave the message to the man.

Then he started playing with Mateo. After a while Mateo invited him to eat somethings his mother had left in the fridge.

Raphael wasn’t hungry but he would do his homework while Mateo was eating. During that visit, he found out that Mateo Hemmingway used to be bad humored.

He asked him why. Then Mattie said that his mother was always with the twins and hardly had any time for him. Today she had gone to the pediotrician with them. That’s why he was alone again.

“But you’re not alone; your father is here with you” said Raphael. “Yes, but he has to work during the evening and night so he has to sleep during the day.”

“Ah, I see” said Raphael and he thought that he was far better off because his father was always at home, in the garden. He always had time for him and so did his mother.

He said good-bye and ran home.

During days he remembered what Mattie had told him and he wondered if it would really be that bad to have a younger brother or sister. He was kind of daydreaming of how it would be to have a baby in the family. He even forgot about the books during some days.

“Raphael Lightkeeper”, echoed the teacher’s voice; “please tell us what I was explaining!”

His cheeks turned red because he hadn’t paid attention.

“So you were daydreaming! You’re not attending very well lately. Is there anything wrong?”

“No madam, it’s just… hm…

I didn’t sleep very well last night because we had a burglar and due to the alarm and the police, I couldn’t sleep.” He didn’t lie; there had been a burglar at their house but the police officer had not been able to arrest him.

“That’s not an excuse! You can make it up by taking these important papers to the Town Hall.. after school of course!”

So, Raphael went to the Town Hall after school. He had called his mother to say that he would come later because he wanted to go to the library as well. He promised he would be home before dark.

There he was again; at the library. He wondered why so few people went there. Most of the time, he was there alone. It was that afternoon that he found a book about oriental philosophy. This was very interesting for him. It explained that you couldn’t get the skills only by reading; you had to put the advice into practice. He didn’t understand everything but he found this so thrilling that he forgot all about time and when he was aware it was late, he hurried home.

Entering the garden, he felt guilty. He had promised his mother to be back before dark and he thought that perhaps she would be angry with him.

Cynthia, as a matter of fact, was angry. She didn’t understand why the teacher sent him tot the Town Hall on the first place.

When the boy told her that it had been to punish him, the old Cynthia woke up in her. She shouted: “Tomorrow I’m going to school to have some words with yur teacher! Has she gone mad?!”

Raphael stood there watching his mother. He had never seen her this way and the more nervous she got, the more he calmed down.

“Mom… why are you angry with the teacher? She was right; I didn’t pay attention and she has nothing to do with the fact we had a burgler last night! The only one to blame is me…, for not paying attention in class and for forgetting to look at the clock when in the library. Please, I beg you not to go to school tomorrow. I would feel very uncomfortable.”

Cynthia looked down at her son and at the same moment she looked up at her husband. She had recognized his spirit in the boy’s words. She hugged the boy and said: “Excuse me son, I was very worried and just don’t want you to get hurt and bullied.”

He smiled and said: “How can they hurt me…? Even when you’re nog around, dad is with me.” Then he made a funny movement with his nose and said: “Hmmm… I smell that you prepared something nice for dinner.”

While the boy was eating and afterwards washing the dish, Cynthia was thinking that she should think twice before speaking. After those wise words from her son’s mouth, she understood that his father had been with him during the day.


Next day when she left for her daily walk, Ilona came up her way. She told her she was pregnant again and that they had to find a bigger house. So… she would be moving very soon, most probably to a house near Hospital. She was very busy with the twins and not really pleased to have another little one so soon. The twins just had their birthday and were toddlers now, needing all of her attention and she hardly had time for anything else.

The women said they would keep in touch and they would phone each other regularly.

Cynthia was thinking that some people have so many children and she had only one. What would happen within a few years? The boy would grow up and would start living on his own. She would be alone again.

She had tried to find comfort next to her husband’s grave but this time she couldn’t make contact. She understood that even for someone who passed away, it would be difficult to be on 2 places at the same moment. She almost started to envy her son.

To be continued…


About margotoele

Geboren in Nederland en met een spanjaard getrouwd. Sinds 1971 wonende in Las Palmas op de Kanarische Eilanden. Ik ben beroeps gids en mijn hobby is verhaaltjes te schrijven, die op het spel De Sims zijn geïnspireerd. Nací en Holanda y me casé con un español. Desde 1971 vivimos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Soy guía profesional y mi gran hobby es escribir historietas inspiradas en el juego de Los Sims.
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  1. April O. says:

    Hmmm! Foreshadowing, are we? ;D

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