Under the same Moon – 2

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In the first part:
– Raph Lightkeeper celebrated his birthday
– Daisy and Val became the proud parents of a beautiful baby
Thanks to the artists of the cc. THANKS to Fredbrenny for teaching me something about style.


Daisy gave birth to a precious little baby boy.
Valdemar was so happy that he wanted to register the baby right away. Without consulting Daisy, he named the boy Alfredo. It was then, that Val and Daisy had their first friction. She didnt like that name and she told Val to go back to the Town Hall to say that it had all been a mistake. She wanted the baby to be called Daniel. When he uttered that he felt ridiculous, she said: All right; stay here. I will go and register him as Daniel Bell.” That was too much for Val who hurried and said: No, no; I will change the name but please…, hes my son and I want him to have my family name. He went back to the Town Hall while Daisy smiled.

She was happy. Very soon she would marry the man she loved so much. She was pleased that he had found a job because, in spite of loving him very much, it could be tiring to have him around all day long.
She spent the days enjoying the baby and decided that, perhaps in the future, she would take up her job as a chef. Perhaps she could work at the Bistro.

Yes, the Bistro was a very popular place. Young people often had dinner dates and were nicely dressed. On the terrace you could hardly find a free table as a few minutes ago the performance at the theatre had ended. Everybody wanted to go on talking about the show enjoying the pleasure of a juice or a glass of nectar. The sound of accordion music brought a real French ambience.

Jeremy Captain and Jane Hunter sat at one of the tables. He had invited her to this nice restaurant. After diner, he looked at her seriously and said: Jane, I have to say something to you.”
Whats it, Jeremy?
Have you already looked around for a place to live?
No, I havent; why?
Because Im planning to go to the Lighthouse Island for an extended period of time and I just want to know whether I can go with my own boat or if I have to rent a motorboat to go there. –
Cant I come with you?

No you cant, my dear Jane. You may live on my boat until you have something of your own but Im not going to take you to the island. Ive been thinking a lot about us lately. You shouldnt depend on me. Im far too old for you. –
No, youre not old! –
I dont feel old but theres more to it.
Jane looked puzzled. She did not expect this and wondered if she had done something wrong.

Jane, Im not sorry for having made love to you; as a matter of fact, you wanted me to. You are so sweet and Im very fond of you. I feel proud that you have done me the honour of giving you your first kiss; but Im very sure that this wouldnt have happened under different circumstances. We have been together for a few weeks now. Your brother hasnt been much of company during the journey due to his sea sickness. We only had each other and all these ingredients, hormones and imagination, they make up for an explosive cocktail.

No…! Im in love with you!
No, my dearest; you are in love with love itself and you enjoy the energy that runs through your body when we make love. Mind you; I like it as well, very much so but in our case it’s not enough for something lasting.
He looked at her in his normal kind way and put his hand over hers’.
You dont know anything about me, no… please dont interrupt me! I have to go back to Lighthouse Island. That place helped me once, and this time it will help me to sort out my actual doubts.
Do you doubt about me?
No…, as a matter of fact you dont have anything to do with it. I doubt about myself.-

Jane was a bit confused. Its true; he never told her that he loved her. She knew she could rely on him. He had offered her to stay on the boat until he would have to leave again; but he had offered the same to her brother. He was not ending an official relationship; there was none! Now he said that he could rent a motorboat to go to Lighthouse Island! Of course, that was nonsense! She was sure that she could live at her brothers house or at Ilonas. She could even help her with the children!

Well then, Jeremy… tonight I will still sleep on the boat but tomorrow I will go and live at my brothers place. I do hope to see you again because I have very dear memories of you.She withdrew her hand slowly out of his and said: Lets go, there are some people waiting for a free table and we finished our diner. –
Jeremy went to pay the bill. He admired Jane for the way she took this. She surely is more mature than I thought.’

They went to the boat and while walking fast, Jane tried to stay ahead. Jeremy supposed that she wanted to hide her tears.

He caught up with her, turned her around and embraced her gently.  – Don’t hate me Janey; I really have deep feelings for you, but this is for our best. You will understand it in time. – With tears in her voice she said: – In time… in what time? – The only thing Jeremy could do was holding her and caressing her back. She started feeling the butterflies fluttering in her stomach again and when he noticed her body responded to the caresses, he said: – Jane, this is a normal reaction of your body. If someone else would hold you like this, you would experience the same, unless you really dislike the person. –

That night they didnt sleep very well but Jeremy knew that he had taken the right decision.

Next day, he helped her with her luggage and accompanied her to her brothers house. He gave her his cell phone because he really wanted to disconnect with the world. He told her that he would come to pick it up again when he returned. She kissed him on the cheek and rang the door bell.

Daisy heard somebody ring the doorbell. When she opened, she saw Jane standing there with luggage. She noticed that Jane wasnt looking very happy. You dont have to be a psychic to understand that something had happened between Jane and Jeremy although she saw that he had come to drop her off. Daisy just embraced her sister-in-law-to-be and decided not to ask anything. She invited her in and showed her to the guest room.

Jane was very grateful Daisy hadnt asked anything and while putting her clothes into the closet, she felt so incomplete. She couldnt find another word to describe her feelings. She wasnt even sure whether she would stay here or with her mother.

She called Ilona. Mattie answered the phone saying that his mother wasnt home. Can you give her a message? Tell her that I will pay her a visit tomorrow afternoon. –

–  All right, Ill leave her a message because I, myself am going now to Raphs house. Hey, I will be pleased to see you tomorrow, big sister!

When she wanted to relax a bit on the bed, she heard the baby cry and she quickly went to see if she could help Daisy taking care of the baby.

The little one brought a bit of sunshine in her heart and she smiled.

Jane understood all too soon that little Daniel could help her finding back her balance. She might even want to take care of the baby and then Daisy could go back to work. She decided to wait a week or so before mentioning that idea to Daisy.

After leaving Jane at her brothers house, Jeremy just walked around a bit knowing that many of the people he knew, lived in the same street: Rainbow Street.

He remembered he had been there when young Raphael had his birthday. Cynthia really had impressed him but it could be because he had been impressed with Lightkeeper’s philosophy. He knew that Raphael’s grave was in their garden but he thought it hadnt been correct to go there during the birthday party. He decided to have a look right now.
There was a chair next to Lightkeepers grave and he took a seat, feeling the fine atmosphere around this tombstone. That, most probably, had to do with the amorous thoughts of Cynthia and the kids who really used to talk about Raphael if though he still was with them.

He had sat there for quite a while and saw that Mattie came to visit his friend. Later Jeremy saw that Cynthia was teaching Mattie Sim-Fu. He enjoyed looking at them but shortly after they went inside the house.

When he finally decided to go home, he saw Cynthia in front of her house. Her greeted her and they chit chatted about unimportant things. Then he said that he planned to visit the Lighthouse Island. Cynthia was very pleased with that and said that she would do so as well, when the boys wouldnt need her care anymore.
They said their goodbyes.

Jeremy went to the grocery store to buy provisions and he bought some books as well. He went to the ship and set off to the Island.

To be continued….


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Geboren in Nederland en met een spanjaard getrouwd. Sinds 1971 wonende in Las Palmas op de Kanarische Eilanden. Ik ben beroeps gids en mijn hobby is verhaaltjes te schrijven, die op het spel De Sims zijn geïnspireerd. Nací en Holanda y me casé con un español. Desde 1971 vivimos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Soy guía profesional y mi gran hobby es escribir historietas inspiradas en el juego de Los Sims.
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  1. Hi Margo, I enjoy reading your story. You have a very nice way to write. And I am very impressed how Jeremy talked with Jane. It was very exciting when he told her that she was in love with love itself. WOW! She must have had a lot of heart beating when she heard this …

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