Swamped – 2

Swamped extraI am really glad you stuck around… Now… I am in the midst of telling a story.
In the introduction you have seen the emporium has sunk. Now… in chapter 1… you found out about the Hanky’s… a little bit… They are very much to themselves.
Gather ’round, you people… read back if you have to, but I am going on telling the Hanky story as it is….

Margo, Barb, oh… Gary too…. Poseidon loves you!!! *Kissie Kissie*


– “Ted??!!!

So here you are! You remembered how to turn the doorknob then.”

– “Shhhh Angie, leave me alone! Cant you see I am working here?

I have been assigned a very important task, so dont disturb me! Shoo shoo go cook some food. I am hungry!”

Angie was too surprised to pick a fight just now. She was curious and wanted to know what this important task was. It wouldnt help being all over him now.
– ”Well, alright then. Im on my way!”
– “On your way… where Ted?…”

Ted took a deep breath of fresh air. It had been a while since he had been outside. He was supposed to sign some papers at town hall. He had just accepted a very important job. He didnt know how they found him or chose him to do it, but he was willing to give it a try. At least he would have Ma off his back for the time being, and Angie? Well, Angie had to mind her own business.

Angie had her own opinion about her business. Teds business was her business. A grown man with just a gnome-in-the-box- for a friend. He needed her to mind his business.

Angie was anxious to find out about that important business of Ted. She would simply check the computer!

But Ted broke it…. Maybe she could find some clues in his room. Now that he was out it was the perfect opportunity to have a look around in his sanctuary.

The moment Angie stepped inside Teds room she was mesmerized by the sweetest little song coming from the gnome-in-the-box. She stood there and for a moment and forgot all about her evil thoughts, actions and bitterness. That moment she felt pure love.

Meanwhile, Ted arrived at the City Hall and met with his contractors secretary for almost an hour. He signed the papers. This was a strange assignment, but the good thing was that he would be working at night and therefore didnt have to be around people.

Why had he taken a job? Was it the constant nagging of his mother? Not even in his own house he could have some privacy. Always someone there to bug him. If Ma wasnt on his tail, Angie was and now he could work at night and sleep during the day. They would now leave him alone.

They gave him some sort of uniform to wear; it didnt smell very clean and he wondered what the stains were. He would tell Angie to wash it for him.

He didnt have a clue what to do. They would probably call him or something. Or was he supposed to look for IT himself? He didnt know either what IT was. He knew he got a great looking apparatus or some sort of machinery to work with. Ted loved these gadgets.

– ”YoTed, my friend…, I took the liberty to step out of the box for a moment or two. You are supposed to be out there catching them! Head out to the graveyard man!

*…Ted looked up*
– “Huh? What? erh.. Who??? Ted didnt know what to think. Was that a gnome talking to him? He probably had been inside too long. His brain was playing tricks on him. He rubbed his eyes and when he opened them again, there this little fellow still was.

– “Id say, head out to the graveyard man…, get your first assignments there. No one is going to call you… It is nothing like in the movies, where people just give Ghostbusters a call ya know…. Hurry man! Be on your way!”

So thats what Ted did. He hurried to the graveyard. Still wondering if it was real what he had just witnessed. Nah gnomes didnt talk to you! They were just garden decoration or came in a little music box, nothing else. He should drink less coffee and eat more healthy food. Maybe he should come out of his room more often too, talk to real people.

– “Angie…, I sent him on his first misión whispered the gnome. “Dont worry about your brother…, worry about yourself, life is too short to focus too much on others and hate will eat you from the inside my dear.

And, *sigh*  you are much too pretty to be locked up in this house too. Spread your wings Angie…, I will help where I can! Too bad you are no match for me, you being human and all that but I am sure your future will be different than what you think it will be.

So Ted found out he had to catch ghosts. Not that he had ever seen one before. That was about to change very soon. Dark clouds would tell him where to hunt for them.

Every day when the sun would go down Ted was spying the evening skies to look for the dark clouds. This was his habitat from now on. Find the cloud covered building.

Go in there…, aim his ghost catcher and vacuum the room until the scary sounds and strange lights disappeared…. That was what was expected from him. Nothing more and nothing less…, or so he thought.

At daybreak he would go home and sleep. Sometimes he had a couple of hours to exchange some words with his Ma and his sister, and things in the Hanky household were like this for a long time. Hunt for ghosts, go home and go to sleep, eat, hunt for ghosts, go home and go to sleep.

Hunt for ghosts at the beautiful Frederick Fahrsythe Estate. That place was infested with ghosts. They were everywhere.

This time was different. The lady of the house was watching his every move. And she was no ghost. Oh no…! She was a pretty lady with no husband and living there all by herself. If Ma had known this, she wouldve probably jumped in the air with joy. Rich, pretty and healthy. The perfect match for her Teddy.
– ”Mr. Ghost Buster
? Where are you? Are you in there? Are you decent? Can I come in?

Ted was about to meet Ms. Perfect, Didi Lutz for the first time.

To be continued…


About margotoele

Geboren in Nederland en met een spanjaard getrouwd. Sinds 1971 wonende in Las Palmas op de Kanarische Eilanden. Ik ben beroeps gids en mijn hobby is verhaaltjes te schrijven, die op het spel De Sims zijn geïnspireerd. Nací en Holanda y me casé con un español. Desde 1971 vivimos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Soy guía profesional y mi gran hobby es escribir historietas inspiradas en el juego de Los Sims.
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