Swamped – 5

Swamped extra

I left off telling you all about Miss Didi Lutz’s first visit to the Hanky place, and the impact it had on Ted and Angie. You might want to read back if you can’t remember. Anyway… if you care to read on, it is no problem. I will stay here for ever, telling the story until everyone knows about it. Ma Hanky is about to find out that you do not own your children. They own themselves, and kids are never too old to learn how to take their first steps into the real world.

Thank you readers! You brighten up my day with your comments!
Now please sit, and listen!


– “OMYGOD! Call 911! I am having a major heart attack! TED! Ted, you have been here before. Why didnt you tell me she was rich? Will you look at this place?”

“Ted! Will you look at this lobby? Did you know she was rich? Oh, I asked that already didnt I. Well, I must say, she keeps on surprising me. I like her Ted.
Put down that phone Ted
, NO! Dont call 911! I was just… Argghh never mind.”
* Angie rings the door bell*

The door opened and there at that same spot Ted froze and knew there was no other woman in the world he fancied more than Didi Lutz! What a high class lady! How in the world was he going to, to do what? Court her?

A tank full of Angel fish. Ted thought that was very appropriate for Didi…,  Angel Fish.
– “Ted, why don
t you fix us some drinks. I will show Angie the house.”

– “OK. You ladies do the grand tour. I will make a Hanky Special.
t show her the major bathroom Didi…, she will be humming *Its a Small World After All * for ever.
“What was that Ted? Oh… you kidder!”
With a sparkling laugh Didi left the room. Ted wasn’t aware his sister was present too.

– “That was very interesting Didi. Thanks so much for the tour! So*gulp* you live here all by yourself then?”
– “Not exactly
. I have a live-in butler, a maid, who comes in every day and of course there is Khaled, he lives here too.”
– “…Khaled?”

Ted all of a sudden froze again
; now he felt something else. It had the color green. But before he got another think coming, Didi spoke again.

– “Remember I told you about my exchange professor? Ahhh, Khaled here you are! He arrived last weekend and he is such a dear man! Khaled! Meet my friends! Here is Angie.”

– “I have heard so much about you… Angie. What a pretty name that is!”
– “Now Khaled! You are quite the flirt!”
Didi clapped her hands. At that moment Ted knew he was IN. He knew Didi was not interested in the professor… romantically… She would
ve looked more like

.... This
But that was not the case.
Could there be a chance? A chance at love? Ted wasn
t sure…. All the anxiety made him having to go to the bathroom.

Oh she spoke! Ted snapped out of his mesmerizing thoughts and paid attention.
“…and Ted, I really want you two to meet. Khaled is from Abu Ebay, you know the Middle East. Arabasia.
At this point, Ted could only stare at Didi. Cupid had aimed at his heart and not missed. Khaled came to his little bladder problem just in time.
Hum, nice meeting you Ted. If you will excuse me; I will pick some hibiscus just now. I make an exquisite Karkadeh! Angie, shall I show you the garden?”

Oh yes, Angie dear. You MUST go with Khaled. He knows EVERYTHING about gardening.
– “Yes Angie
…” Ted said Why dont you just go outside a bit. Do take your time!

Angie did. It so turned out Khaled and she had a lot in common. This man seemed to know exactly where she came from, and how she ticked.

Angie felt something move inside of her. Something she had never felt before. She knew that the man walking back into the house was going to be father of her future children. Angie felt butterflies. First she had experienced friendship, now as if that wasnt too much of an emotion to handle, she felt LOVE.

The weeks following, the Lutz Estate was buzzing. Angie came by every day to keep Khaled from doing his work and talk about gardening, and Abu Ebay and the lovely estate he owned there. Palm trees and sea and lots of sand. No swamps. It sounded like heaven.

Usually she would find Khaled in the garden. He tended to it, and Angie got more and more curious about this remarkable man. An Arabasian prince in her mind. He could be nothing else.

She looked at herself in the mirror and had a very deep going conversation with her alter ego.. She had to gather all her courage to do something about that feeling that was getting stronger every minute she was around Khaled.

It was no surprise to her that Khaled was there waiting for her. Nobody else was there, just the two of them.
Khaled, I well, I know this must sound strange to youbut you are my future. I know that for sure.”

I know my dear Angie. I knew the moment I saw you here Thousand and One nights ago. We are kindred spirits.
Then he kissed her

You may all think this was quick and not thought through. But let me tell you this. I created Khaled especially for Angie. I knew it. No need for a long courtship.

Ted was a different story though.

Every single day Ted went by the Frederick Fahrsythe Estate to pay Didi a visit.
You might think Didi got tired of seeing that polyester blue leisure suit by now, but no

Didi knew Ted was here to stay. Even if she had wanted him to be elsewhere and not in her life, there was no escaping Ted Hanky. Underneath the polyester, she was sure she would find a diamond in the rough. Ready for her to polish it.

– “Ted…, today I want to try something different.”
– “What do you mean by different Didi? Would you like to go to
like a MUSEUM?”
– “No Ted

Before he knew what hit him, Didi struck like lightning.
s Mother saw it all happen, and she thought it was good. Whistlers Mother was also thinking of another mother. A mother who hadnt seen her two children in weeks now.

Ma had been trying to get a hold of either one of her children, but no one answered her calls.
The gurgling sound were getting louder and louder. The moaning from Ted
s bedroom was giving her the Goosebumps.

She went up there. It was ear deafening. A hollow whispering voice said: Get the gnome and get out.
Ma thought she was just hearing things. She had read somewhere that solitude can do that to you. Why had they left her here? Where were her children? What was she supposed to do?

Oops! You startled me little fellow. Whazzup?
Yo Ted! Your momma izzup on with the modley. I still have hopes I get my mojo working. Just here to let you know.
Ted stood there for a moment thinking about his home. THIS was his home now. What on earth could possibly be wrong at his Ma
s house? No time now. The lady of the house was waiting for him upstairs. Ted had more important things on his mind just now.

It had started. There was no more controlling the puddles. The swamp was sucking at their house. The ghosts in Ted’s bedroom were heavy with long forgotten emotions and heartache. They moaned and whined. Ma was not in any position to carry that burden. The house was sinking.
There was nothing she could do… now, was there?

To be continued…


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Geboren in Nederland en met een spanjaard getrouwd. Sinds 1971 wonende in Las Palmas op de Kanarische Eilanden. Ik ben beroeps gids en mijn hobby is verhaaltjes te schrijven, die op het spel De Sims zijn geïnspireerd. Nací en Holanda y me casé con un español. Desde 1971 vivimos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Soy guía profesional y mi gran hobby es escribir historietas inspiradas en el juego de Los Sims.
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