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Swamped – 1

Hello… Welcome back You are just in time. I was about to start telling you all the story of the Hanky Tragedy. Find a seat… Thank you Margo, and Barb and Haagje… You have been my muses… all along! Poseidon … Continue reading

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Swamped – Intro

How it aches… My muse was called back from her holidays… It was time. Time for a new story. My gratitude goes to my mentor CycloneSue. It’s an introduction. The story has yet to be unfold. It’s SWAMPED… ***** “Hey! … Continue reading

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Charles & Affera

Welcome back for another tale of Affera St John. Well she is no longer a St John. Please enjoy this new tale. Thank you all so much. Thank you Aloleng for the wonderful house used in this story and to … Continue reading

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Ghostly Encounters – 3 (Final)

Welcome back to yet another ghostly tale. My name is Affera StJohn and here I live with my friends who are doomed to walk the afterlife. Charlie and I are working very hard to help them find peace. Thank you … Continue reading

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Ghostly Encounters – 2

Welcome Back for the next ghostly chapter. Thank you all for reading and commenting. The church in this chapter is a creation by Caridina. Thank you for letting me use it. Mike, thanks go out to you too. Ghost in … Continue reading

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Ghostly Encounters – 1

Hello everyone. Welcome to another Ghostly tale. For all of you who were so kind to ask for another one of Affera stories. I am honored. ***** I could hear them downstairs. Even though I met just one of them. … Continue reading

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What I learned in school today

  Another one-shot, this one about an educator who finds that he needs to learn just as much as his students do. When I first graduated from college with a master’s degree in elementary education, I felt ready to take … Continue reading

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No Escape…

“… for fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” ~ Alexander Pope, ‘An Essay on Criticism’ ***** “Betcha won’t go into the crypt at night.” It was just a dare that she and every other child in town had … Continue reading

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One Wish

What would you give to make your wish come true? There was once a woman who would be queen over her small province of Montegordor. Though she was but a peasant, she was both lovely and cunning–attributes that she would … Continue reading

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Come what may – 5 (End)

In the previous part of the story Inge started to doubt about her husband and by chance, she ran in to Melissa Newman, the woman who had written the diary they found in the basement. ***** On her way back … Continue reading

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