Tonight I Love You Forever – 1

Tonight 01
Bury my lovely
Bury the lies
Bury me under
A thousand good-byes
A shadow from another time
Is waiting in the night
Something happened long ago
Something that will not let go

(October Project)

Tonight 02
“Mitrik, are you going to sit there at that piano, that’s all you do. You need to get out every now and then, don’t you think?”

“No, I don’t think…Imeena…you go and enjoy yourself. I’ll be right here.”

“Yes, I’m sure you will be. You’re wasting away… Stop pining for her, it’s been too long, she’s not coming back.”

Tonight 03
“Yes, you keep telling me that. I’ll find her. You look like her, did you know.. but you don’t even come close to being like her. There is no one that can ever be like her.”

Tonight 04
“Stop it Mitrik! What do you know!”

“I know you are NOT her, yeah that’s what I know.”

“One day Mitrik, you will fall and I won’t be here to pick you up.”

“Yes you will, you keep coming back. I don’t know why, but you always do.”

Tonight 05
“Well not tonight honey, don’t wait up cause tonight I won’t be back.”

“Yes you will, you know good and well you will.”

Tonight 06
Imeena’s hang out was Plasma 501. Vamps weren’t her chosen friends the only thing they have in common is immortality. The bar has dark atmosphere which at the moment she liked. Ordering herself a Deep Despair, it seem to fit the mood she was in.
Imeena was part of a plan sent in by the brothers. She had power but not enough.

“Hey Granger I know you’re there. I can smell you.”

Tonight 07
“You’re late.”

Tonight 08
“Well yes I guess I am. Somehow I knew you would come find me.”

“Imeena this is a matter that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. We are waiting for you. Come now.”

“I will after I finish my drink”

Tonight 09
With heavy feet and heart she met the brothers.

“Have you made progress with Mitrik?”

“No, Granger..I have not, you’re not dealing with any ordinary man here.”

“He is our brother and he needs to become one with us. We are powerless without him. If he refuses then we need his ring. That was your part to bring him here if you can’t manage that then get that ring.”

Tonight 10
“Why don’t you just go get it yourselves, why do you need me? I have no power over him, not as long as he continues to love Samantha. You may have changed me on the outside to look like her I cannot persuade him. How am I supposed to get that ring. He never removes it.”

Tonight 11
“We cannot enter the house but you can and your time is running out… GET THAT RING!
Seduce him! Why have you not done so already?”

“I can’t get close enough to him, he won’t let me in. He stays guarded.”

“Then change your approach. He let you move in did he not.”

Tonight 12
As the night wore on Mitrik moved his fingers along the ivory keys, music filled the air stirring his soul, calling to his love long lost. Mitirk has been long stuck on this plane of existence.
He and his Brothers Soloman, Granger and Daniel were among a powerful sect.
His beloved Samantha was cast into a place neither here nor there. It was an accident he knows this but needs to blame someone. So it is his brothers in arms that he blames. They only want his ring for evil reasons. Mitrik knows this. He knows too that Imeena has come by way of his brothers doing.

Not quite a vampire whom he despises but not quite human either. Without her he was nothing. Nor he or his brothers could make it right. Only together were they powerful enough to move through time. Or if the forth ring became in contact with the other three and Mitrik was going to make sure that never happened.

Tonight 13
Sleep comes rarely to Mitrik. Alone in the house she comes, a wisp in the air, his room fills with the scent of sage and thyme, flowers from a time long since gone.

Tonight 14
For this moment he cannot wake up. In his mind he screamed “MY GOD MAN!!! WAKE UP! SHE IS HERE!! WAKE UP!!!

Paralyzed…he cannot move…

Tonight 15
With the light of morning she is gone.

To be continued…


About margotoele

Geboren in Nederland en met een spanjaard getrouwd. Sinds 1971 wonende in Las Palmas op de Kanarische Eilanden. Ik ben beroeps gids en mijn hobby is verhaaltjes te schrijven, die op het spel De Sims zijn geïnspireerd. Nací en Holanda y me casé con un español. Desde 1971 vivimos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Soy guía profesional y mi gran hobby es escribir historietas inspiradas en el juego de Los Sims.
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