Tonight I Love You Forever – 2

Tonight Ch 2 - 01
No matter where you go
I will find you
If it takes a long long time
No matter where you go
I will find you
If it takes a Thousand years


Tonight Ch 2 - 02
Once the meeting was over with, Imeena made her exit. Quick and quietly she made her way back to surface to only be stopped by a maiden of fire.

Tonight Ch 2 - 03
“You both are in danger, for his brethren have turned to the darkness. The answers to his questions he shall find. Do not follow the bidding’s of the three, they grow stronger upon each passing day. Do not underestimate the power that emanates from them. Get to Mitrik as soon as you can, for it is there that ye shall find safety.”

Tonight Ch 2 - 04
“What is it that you wish I do? I am under the will of the three. They have cast a spell upon me that if I should fail in this quest I shall parish.”

“Ye shall not parish, you will be protected by he that holds the ring.”

Tonight Ch 2 - 05
“Uh…what??? they all hold a ring.”

“But only one has the power to awaken the Spinx and that of which belongs to Mitrik. It is what he must do and it is there that he will find his answer. The Sphinx has the power to bring back that of which he lost long ago. The time is near.”

“Why me, can’t you just glide or maybe float or just fly …or whatever it is that you do, you know…. just go tell him all this stuff yourself?”

“I am bound by a curse that was placed long ago forever to remain in between.”

“Lucky you….well I guess I’ll be on my way then..”

Tonight Ch 2 - 06
Imeena could feel their presence before they reached the top of the stairs. She knew it was too late to run.

Tonight Ch 2 - 07
“Imeena you must come with us.”

Tonight Ch 2 - 08
Earlier that same day. Mitrik was finally able to wake himself up. He was left with a headache. Headaches were something he was used to, they occurred more often then he liked. His blood flowed through his body as if it were a melted silver. Pushing himself off the bed.

Tonight Ch 2 - 09
Gazing out of the window, he and his kind had a keen sense of smell. There was an essence hanging about the air… of memories past. His heart ached and longed for her touch and her laughter, and the sound of her voice. Remembering always what she would say. “Tonight I love you forever.” He would always respond to her, gently stroking her cheek “Then it is a good thing that every night becomes tonight.”

The pounding in his head brought him out of his thoughts. “Time for a drink.” He mumbled to no one there.

Tonight Ch 2 - 10
He became unnerved about the stillness in the house. To him Imeena is only a house mate. There was never any intimacy shared between the two, Mitrik made sure of that. He did though, in the beginning enjoy her company until he began to suspect what she might be doing. At first he thought she was working on mending his relationship with his brothers and he is still not sure, but none of that matters anyway. The bond between brothers has been broken.

Tonight Ch 2 - 11
The stillness bothered him even more as he edged his way to the stairs.

“Dammit Woman! Where the hell are you!”

Tonight Ch 2 - 12
After a couple of days passed by. Still no sign of Imeena. He had trouble sensing her presence anywhere. The house had an deathly silence to it. Most often it never bothered Mitrik. He began to wonder if she took him seriously. It finally began to dawn on him that maybe he was wrong and she wasn’t coming back. He wondered to himself how could she not come back. His guilt for the last thing he said to her began to find its way in.
To himself he said aloud “Stupid, how could you say such things, stupid…stupid…
ignorant fool..”

Tonight Ch 2 - 13
But then another feeling came, creeping, oozing, warm, warmer, hot and hotter. Through his finger did it rise, traveling the distance up his arm to his chest.
He then realized that something was wrong. His ring became a band of fire around his finger. He had only felt his ring come alive once before. The night his Samantha disappeared into thin air many a year ago. He was helpless to stop it. The warning he was given was heeded too late. Someone was in danger. He knew immediately who it was.

Tonight Ch 2 - 14
The time had come. His secrets no one knew, for it was forbidden to expose them. Only his kind knew of the powers they held. Though it has been written in fairy tales but they were never taken as truth.

Not only could Mitrik smell things humans could not. He could see much more than any human, vampire, animal or any other being human or not. With a sound not uttered from his lips in an instant the wind stirred. The gates opened.

Tonight Ch 2 - 15
A whirlwind covered his body as his feathered friends appeared.

It had been a century or more since the need arose for the assistance of his friends.

Tonight Ch 2 - 16
The time is now my friends, we must hurry. Guide me to Imeena.

Tonight Ch 2 - 17
A fortnight later his feathered friends, straight and true placed Mitrik ever so gently upon the ground. Hoping he was not too late.

Tonight Ch 2 - 18
Not a sound was heard as he walked steadfast into the castle. With relief he knew she was there and she was alive. He could smell her and his brothers.

Tonight Ch 2 - 19
It was eerily quiet. Each step he took left echoes bouncing around the room.

Tonight Ch 2 - 20
Following her scent up the stairs. She was unharmed he knew. But the scent told him something is still wrong. There was a calm in the air.

Tonight Ch 2 - 21
Down below the brothers awareness grew to higher level.

“Daniel, our brother is here. Our plan is complete. Go at once… he is heading up stairs, where Imeena sleeps.”

Tonight Ch 2 - 22
“Are you kidding I’m not going up against Mitrik…. Soloman…you go. I was never a part of this plan. Granger are you out of your freaking mind. By your deceit you will wake Death himself. There is no telling what punishment he will give. You have not the power to steal time…not even with Mitrik’s ring…you will doom us all.. Is that what you wish?”

Tonight Ch 2 - 23
Because the air seems to be so clam. For a split second doubt set in. “Could she have set me up?”

Tonight Ch 2 - 24
Entering the room in which she was. He found her sleeping. A wine chalice set beside her bed. Sleeping potion perhaps.

Without moving his lips, in his mind he spoke. “Wake up…. Imeena…. Wake up”

Tonight Ch 2 - 25
“Mitrik?..What???….oh god….where am I…how long has it been?”

Tonight Ch 2 - 26
“My hat…oh god ….my shoes….What am doing here? I remember…..there was this…”

“Imeena” He whispered.

Tonight Ch 2 - 27
“But that hat was expensive much less the shoes. Oh I must tell you something..the Fire Maiden……”
“Imeena…” Mitrik barely spoke “Shhhhhh….. Soloman has entered the room, stay behind me and when I tell you to run…run as fast as you can…do you understand?”

“But…my hat….”

Tonight Ch 2 - 28
They stood perfectly still, neither moved, not a breath was exhaled.
Mitrik concentrated on the wooden floor. With every step Soloman took, the wood beneath his feet could not hold his steps. The floor gave way and Soloman began to slip through the planks as if they were made of water.

“Imeena…get ready now!”

Tonight Ch 2 - 29
“Run….Run quickly….DO NOT STOP….go….go NOW!!!”

Tonight Ch 2 - 30
Never looking back, out she ran. If one were to listen closely you would have heard her say “Damn…and that was my favorite hat too.”

Tonight Ch 2 - 31
“Granger, you are done. What has happened to your heart? Black it is. You have hardened your heart. Why have you done this. Did you honestly think you could defeat me. You…YOU have taken all that you will …you WILL take NO MORE!”

“HAHAHAHAHA… foolish man, I will take you on and your power will become mine. I WILL have it ALL….HAHAHAHHA….”

Tonight Ch 2 - 32
Suddenly black smoke began to fill the room as if the pits of hell opened. Soloman stood shaking along with Daniel whimpering and mumbling.
Granger disappeared in the nothingness.

Tonight Ch 2 - 33
“Mitrik, you have shown a worthy kindness to another, not for greed, not for self attainment. You have passed this test therefore your brethren have been sent back home to their own time and are once again to spend the rest of their lives in the time they belong as mortals. There is only one ring that holds power, which is the one you wear. But know this, the power comes from within. When you are united to one cause great things are born. Be they Good or bad. You however must remain on this plane, there is one more task you must complete. But beware when you play with time, there could be adverse effects. You could get caught in a time hole and will remain there for eternity. For you my friend that is a very long time. Seek truth and have a heart that’s pure.
Go, seek Imeena she holds the information. Go in peace Mitrik.

Tonight Ch 2 - 34
Edging ever closer to her. “Imeena, Are you alright? Are you hurt? When you never came back…well…well I wasn’t sure what I felt, but I know I was scared. Everything is going to be fine now. I must apologize to you for my behavior. It was most selfish of me to treat you so badly. Please forgive me if you can find it your heart to do so.”

“Mitrik, I love you dearly, the spell the brothers had over me has vanished with them. You are forgiven and it is I who should ask for forgiveness now. I never meant to lead you on. I was trapped and they turned it around and used me to set a trap for you.”

“Imeena, you have no reason to seek forgiveness. My brothers have caused great harm with their misdeeds and placed you in harms ways. I apologize to you for us all.”

Tonight Ch 2 - 35
“I was going to return to you no matter what you say. I never listened to your grumblings anyway. But enough of that Mitrik, there are other important matters at hand. I was on my way home when a fire maiden stood in my path and she told me to tell you that the answers you seek can be found in Egypt.”


“Your ring has the power to wake the Sphinx. It is the Sphinx that will help you find what you lost. It is Samantha you seek…the Sphinx will help you…You must go…go now.”

Tonight Ch 2 - 36
Mitrik felt the world lift off his shoulders. He would always remember his brothers, but as it is in this moment the present time for Mitrik.
Soloman, Granger and Daniel never had a forth brother. Having been born 100 years ago, but for Mitrik he will always remember his brothers.

“Friends of the sky, shall we take flight once more. You know where we need to go. One more Damsel in Distress we need to rescue. Samantha, my lovely”

To be continued…


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Geboren in Nederland en met een spanjaard getrouwd. Sinds 1971 wonende in Las Palmas op de Kanarische Eilanden. Ik ben beroeps gids en mijn hobby is verhaaltjes te schrijven, die op het spel De Sims zijn geïnspireerd. Nací en Holanda y me casé con un español. Desde 1971 vivimos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Soy guía profesional y mi gran hobby es escribir historietas inspiradas en el juego de Los Sims.
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