Fred in Yonderland – 2

2 - Yonder 01
Hi…we’re back. Spitzmagic, AKA Barb and myself are here to introduce to you the second part of our story. Please make yourselves comfortable again, sit back and enjoy….Barb and I will tell you all about the big adventure in this second chapter…

2 - Yonder 02
I had excused myself politely from our lunch and went back home. I thought I would do some more searching on the web. I came across this site that mentioned the graveyard in Sunset Valley. Very interesting indeed. One of the oldest graveyards in the country. It said some ancient book had been buried there…. I had to go back…

2 - Yonder 03
Not much later I arrived at the graveyard. There HE was again… just about to enter the Crypt. Why is it that I am always wherever he is? Thank god he didn’t see me. It was then I saw another ghost. When I realized that you could talk to one, I knew it! Who would know more about what was going on here then a ghost? Being who I am I had to try.

2 - Yonder 04
He was a very old ghost and had been here a long, long time. I walked up to him and asked “Can you please Sir, tell me about this place and why is it so mysterious?” He answered in his ghostly whisper: ‘The answer you seek is in the Crypt, buried beneath the catacombs below…, but beware, there is something down there that will cause you harm.’

2 - Yonder 05
But because Sean was there I did not want to stay. It’s that book. That must be what Sean is after. I had to hurry and leave before Sean came out and found me there. I ran so fast it was like my feet never hit the ground.

2 - Yonder 06
I decided I would come back during the day and search for that book. I made Barb come with me. Surely it is not so bad in the day time. Right?

2 - Yonder 07
Barb said she would be fine and would wait for my return. Although it was light and the whole place looked so peaceful Barb didn’t want to set another foot closer to the tombstones, let even the crypt.

2 - Yonder 08
“Are you sure you don’t want to come Barb? At least wait for me at the door?”
Barb didn’t want to come and that was that.

2 - Yonder 09
So I went in alone and all the while I was remembering what the ghost had told me…

2 - Yonder 10
Let’s follow Barb here for awhile with Fred being in the crypt.
“Hi folks! Yep this is me Barb… I’m waiting, hanging, ho-hum, hurry up Fred, I don’t like this very much. Not even during the day. In the meantime I will go on and collect some more of those rare seeds and gems that I’ve heard about.”

2 - Yonder 11
“I just don’t want to get too far away from the graveyard I might just walk up the hill. Oh my goodness now that’s a creepy house! I wonder who lives there.” It reminded of the old lady’s house when you were little, the one you were always afraid to go up to. Hurry up Fred!

2 - Yonder 12
While Barb made her way back to the entrance of the graveyard Fred finally made her exit from the Crypt.

2 - Yonder 13
“Oh my god! What happened to you!” Barb’s warm welcoming me back into the world of the living was no doubt warming my cold shivery self up. The warning the old ghost gave me about something in there wanting to harm me still on my mind.

2 - Yonder 14
I told Barb about the awful smells also sticking on me right now… and the creepy sounds. It felt like things were grabbing at me. It was terrible. I was so frightened, but I found it, Barb, THE BOOK! I found the book. I couldn’t wait to get home to read it. What would I find? Would there be the answers I looked for?

2 - Yonder 15
So off we ran. Hoping to never return. I knew I wouldn’t. It would take me hours to get over the horror of the things I saw and heard down there in the darkness. I could hear Barb behind me shouting “FRED, wait for me!” I stifled a laugh.

2 - Yonder 16
All I wanted when I got home was a nice warm bath to wash away the fear that would plague me for hours to come. I lost track of time while I relaxed, calm my nerves and my ever spinning mind.

2 - Yonder 17
Finally, alone in my room. I sat down to read the old ancient book. What would I find?
The first couple of chapters were intense. Thousands of years ago there rose from the earth a circle of large stones. They were used as a source of sun energy. While I read, I felt a presence. Like someone was watching me. Made my hair stand up. I closed the book and went to bed.

2 - Yonder 18
I felt this presence even in my dreams. It was like I was still being watched.
I slept but with fitful dreams.

2 - Yonder 19
The next morning, not sure I slept well… Bad dreams? Maybe. I received a phone call. For the first time it was Sean wanting me to meet him at his place. I wasn’t sure I even knew where he lived. I said ok. Of course I was a little scared, but I wanted some answers more than I was scared. So off I went.

2 - Yonder 20
But when I walked outside he was there. It gave me quite a start. He was so close I could reach out and touch him. The smell of his skin. Mama Mia. I had to maintain composure. He said he was here to walk with me, to his home. Oh it was great. I excused myself for a second to change my clothes. Never mind that I also found him a bit dangerous.

2 - Yonder 21
We arrived at his home. OMG it was breathtaking. A manly house built for a manly man. I giggled at myself for thinking that. This man has money. I wonder why he did not
pick me up in that fancy car of his…Humm

2 - Yonder 22
He showed me around his lovely home. Look at him. Heat flashed up my body. My heart started to beat. I swear he could hear it. How could he be a bad guy? He had asked me would I mind if he went swimming., not at all… Swimsuit! Oh boy.

2 - Yonder 23
He had asked me to join. I politely declined. I took the opportunity to look around his place. Maybe there would be some clues as to who he is and what he was doing during the nighttime.

2 - Yonder 24
I found my way upstairs to his bedroom. I found nothing out of the ordinary. It was clean and well kept. Nice trait for a guy living alone. I don’t know maybe he has a maid or two.

2 - Yonder 25
There is a spare bedroom with two beds in it. One of them was unmade. Humm… Someone else is here also. Though it appears that he lives alone. I then decided I needed to get to know Sean a lot more than I do now. I wondered if he knows I have the book.

2 - Yonder 26
I stepped outside and admired the view for a moment. Then to ease my thoughts I went downstairs to make us some lunch.

2 - Yonder 27
I was so lost in the wonder of him and the beauty of his home. I had to talk to him about the things I’ve been seeing. I just wasn’t sure how. Look at the body. It’s a major distraction.

2 - Yonder 28
We played a few games which apparently we got caught up in. The day flew by.
I hope he doesn’t know I went snooping.

2 - Yonder 29
And then it happened…
I will never forget that moment in time. It is so hard to describe what had become of my mind and body. I knew I had to leave. And I had to leave now. OMG! I had to think. I didn’t even ask the questions I needed to.

2 - Yonder 30
He didn’t want to me go yet. He offered to drive me home. I said no, that I would walk home. Being outdoors was the best medicine for me. I could clear my head. I knew I was falling for this man. He promised to call me tomorrow. I also wanted to finish my book.

2 - Yonder 31
On my way home I got to thinking about the stones and what the book said. I decided to go see them first. Out of nowhere suddenly this man appeared.

2 - Yonder 32
He introduced himself. Said his name is Nita Ohinyan. An Indian whose ancestors lived off this land. A Very wise people who had seen many a strange thing in this valley.

2 - Yonder 33
He began to tell his story about how the stones appeared. It was then that I told him I had found a book beneath the catacombs in the cemetery. His threw his arms in the air. I must see this book. It belongs to my ancestors. It had been lost many a century ago. I said he was welcome to see the book. Please call 867-5409. I must go now.

2 - Yonder 34
But little did I know that Sean was there too. I waited in the shadows so they did not see that I had not left. Early morning was turning into day. I was trying to hear them. I heard Nita say ‘I need that book.’ ‘What book?’ said Sean ‘You know what book.’

2 - Yonder 35
From where I stood it looked as though they were going to fight. I thought to myself: They know each other? It sure seemed like they did. I then heard Sean shout at Nita ‘You stay away from her!’ She’s mine! All Nita said was ‘She has my book!’

2 - Yonder 36
All at once Sean calmed down.
I had to leave. I just couldn’t stay any longer. But before I turned to walk away I heard Sean say. ‘Look my friend, I know she has the book. I was there when she found it. Every since then she needed to be watched over. I know the book belongs to you. I think I am in love with her… I just couldn’t bear it if something were to happen to her’

2 - Yonder 37
My mouth dropped and my heart fluttered wildly. Home I ran.

To be continued…


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Geboren in Nederland en met een spanjaard getrouwd. Sinds 1971 wonende in Las Palmas op de Kanarische Eilanden. Ik ben beroeps gids en mijn hobby is verhaaltjes te schrijven, die op het spel De Sims zijn geïnspireerd. Nací en Holanda y me casé con un español. Desde 1971 vivimos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Soy guía profesional y mi gran hobby es escribir historietas inspiradas en el juego de Los Sims.
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