Fred in Yonderland – 4

4 Yonder 01
Welcome back faithful readers, welcome also to those who are new to Fred in Yonderland! Barbara and I are ready and proud to present to you the 4th chapter of our story! Since this comfy couch is taken now, we advise you to sit back in one of your own chairs and follow us to Yonderland…. Enjoy!!!

4 Yonder 02
SLAM! I was up in an instant. Did I really hear something? Was I dreaming? Man…, sure sounded like the front door closing really hard. I stood still for a moment listening. Wow, that kinda freaked me out.

4 Yonder 03
After that weirdness I went to look at my gems. It seemed nothing was missing. My rainbow butterfly was still there, it’s rare, very rare. I believe they said its worth was like, somewhere around a thousand Simolians.

4 Yonder 04
Still spooked I ran to see Barb. Talking so fast I was out of breath. I made sure to turn on every light I came across on the way to Barbs room. I woke Barb up with such a start… Oh well… she’ll get over it.

4 Yonder 05
“Barb, did you hear that? I think someone was in the house! I heard the front door slam. Oh god, what if Sean’s right? What if someone is after our collection?” I was still very freaked out.
“Fred, calm down, chill a bit. I’m certain that everything is ok. Did you see anything out of place?” Barb said in a calming voice.
“Well, no, to tell you the truth I didn’t.”
“OK then, let’s go back to bed and get some more sleep.”

4 Yonder 06
Well, this house is really big and my room was WAY over on the other side of it. I was not about to go WAY over there. So like a child I asked: “Barb can I sleep in your bed?” – “Of course you can”, and so I did.

4 Yonder 07
The next morning I called Sean. He did not answer, but that didn’t matter. I left a message that we’re coming over. Something in the backyard caught Barb’s eye. I went with her to find out what it was.

4 Yonder 08
When we went out back, there were these balls of light scattered about. It was hard to tell exactly what was causing it.
“Come on Barb, we need to get going. We can talk to Nita about them.”

4 Yonder 09
We saw these lights all over the place. We got close to one and found it to be an uncut gem. We got to looking at more and discovered that there were rocks and even rare insects. Now we really had to hurry to Sean’s. This whole time it did not matter what I did. I just couldn’t shake the ‘being watched’ feeling that has come over me lately.

4 Yonder 10
Upon arriving Barb got distracted by the new house next door to Sean’s.

4 Yonder 11
It was also Barb’s first time going over to Sean’s. I think she was awe struck about the beauty here.

4 Yonder 12
I knew Sean wasn’t home. Barb couldn’t stop looking at the new house next door. She asked if anyone bought it yet. I told her. “Yes I think so, that’s the car we saw drive up the other night.”

4 Yonder 13
Barb and I waited in the back yard for Sean to arrive.

4 Yonder 14
All of a sudden Nita appeared. “Wow, Nita, you’re looking for Sean too?”
“No, I live here”, he responded.
“Oh I see, I did not know that.” Well… then another one of my questions was answered on this day, which explained the unmade bed in the spare room I discovered the first time I was here.
“We need to talk to you both.” Nita invited us in.

4 Yonder 15
When I walked into the living room. The TV was on. I turned around and OMG, Sean walked in. My heart stood still. I could not breathe.
I knew at this moment that I loved this man.

4 Yonder 16
I had to tell Sean what I felt at my home. The unseen presence, the loud noise I heard. I was almost frightened. Well, I WAS frightened! And then this really odd thing which keeps happening to Barb… that every time she walks by something of value, a shining light streams out of it.

4 Yonder 17
We gathered in the living room. Nita began to explain to Barb what it might be:
“Remember I had said that magical things could happen around the book?” Nita started.
“Well you see, as I became Shaman, you must have received a bit of the magic yourself, which allows you to be able to see what others cannot. But beware Barb, there are dangers with a power like that.”

4 Yonder 18
Sean stepped into the conversation: “We have been watching the thugs hideout, but they remain elusive. We have been unable to catch the thieves. There have been reports in town of several break ins. We all need to be extra careful.”

4 Yonder 19
Curiosity got the best of us. We couldn’t decide if we should go meet the neighbor. As you would know it, the writers said we should and so we did.

4 Yonder 20
He introduced himself as Rex Barringer. He had such a smug look about him. I don’t know, I mean… I just thought something was off about him. I kept getting this bad feeling that I knew him from somewhere, I just couldn’t place it.

4 Yonder 21
He invited us in. His home was very nice, apparently he also has some money.
Of course, you know me…. I like to snoop.

4 Yonder 22
While the others chatted with him I went snooping. I found nothing other than the usual things. However, it was odd that the place still seemed empty… No pictures on the walls…Hummmm….

4 Yonder 23
I could see too that he was getting a little too close there to Barb. I should warn her. Tell her that I just did not like him very much.

4 Yonder 24
So I walked into the entry with Nita and I wanted to go upstairs. But I could see that he was watching me…. Perhaps another time.

4 Yonder 25
The view from his home is spectacular just like Sean’s. Well, I guess they shared the same backyard.

4 Yonder 26
“Sean I am ready to go now. I have this uneasy feeling.”
We bid our farewell’s and we left.

4 Yonder 27
I don’t think anyone could tell that I was a little bit scared. I did not want to go home alone. Well, I know Barb would be there too, but tonight I wanted to be with Sean. I wanted to tell him how I feel about him and how he makes me feel.

4 Yonder 28
I had asked Sean to please take me home, come stay with me? He hugged me so tightly that I felt every inch of his body against mine. My breath caught in my throat. He whispered in my ear. “It would be my pleasure.”

4 Yonder 29
“Barb, Sean is going to take me home, would it be ok if Nita brought you home?”
Nita spoke before Barb could reply, “of course Fred, I would be happy to! Maybe Barb and I can go for dinner. I will make sure she gets home safely.”

4 Yonder 30
I watched as Barb and Nita went into the house.

4 Yonder 31
The night was wonderful. Like a dream.

4 Yonder 32
We had a couple of drinks. I was almost nervous… butterflies in my stomach.

4 Yonder 33
We turn on some soft music, danced for awhile. The feel of his body so close to mine…, his hand caressed my cheek. I wanted so much to tell him right there how much I loved him.

4 Yonder 34
For the second time we kissed. The heat between us rose to an almost unbearable height.
My body trembled. I was losing my senses to his kiss. We did not talk.

4 Yonder 35
He lead me to the sofa and never stopped kissing me. Every ounce of my being was on fire.

4 Yonder 36
I felt like I was nothing but air as he lifted me up.

4 Yonder 37
I barely knew that Sean had carried me to my room. There was nothing except he and I.
His kisses and sweet caresses against my body. His breath upon my neck. I couldn’t speak.

4 Yonder 38
He undressed me, still kissing me. I was nearly blind with fever.

4 Yonder 39
He laid me down on the bed.

4 Yonder 40
My body and his became one as the tremors ran through his body into mine. I would’ve never dreamed it could feel like this. I thought I heard him whisper I Love You….

4 Yonder 41
Just after that moment Sean and I shared my bedroom door burst open and Nita came running it. Screaming:

To be continued…


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Geboren in Nederland en met een spanjaard getrouwd. Sinds 1971 wonende in Las Palmas op de Kanarische Eilanden. Ik ben beroeps gids en mijn hobby is verhaaltjes te schrijven, die op het spel De Sims zijn geïnspireerd. Nací en Holanda y me casé con un español. Desde 1971 vivimos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Soy guía profesional y mi gran hobby es escribir historietas inspiradas en el juego de Los Sims.
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