Fred in Yonderland – 5 The End

5 Yonder 01
Hush…! Let her be for a while. A lot has happened… Meanwhile, let’s turn the pages of the conclusion of our story. Fred is comfy and if you are too and ready we will proceed… Please follow!

5 Yonder 02
After the initial shock (and a little embarrassment on my part) we went downstairs to be able to think more clearly about what happened last night. Sean knew how bad Nita was feeling at the moment. “I’ll make us some coffee.” Sean offered. I was in shock still. What on earth could’ve happened?

5 Yonder 03
Sean cleared a space for the cups. We just sat in silence for a moment. Nita, I could tell, was trying to find the right place to start relaying what had happened.

5 Yonder 04
So I will let Nita tell us in his own words what happened.

5 Yonder 05
“Well… it began as a perfect night. You two had just left. I asked Barb if she wanted to get a bite to eat, maybe a movie… The night air was warm and fragrant, so we headed out to the Bistro.

5 Yonder 06
Not many people were out. Our dinner was excellent, of course I told Barb she could have anything on the menu. What does she get…?? A hot dog! We were having a great time. The more time I spend with Barb, the more I begin to give in to my feelings for her. After dinner and a movie.

5 Yonder 07
The night couldn’t get any better than it was already. The movie was great, well… what we saw of it anyway. After the movie I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. Every time we touched I lost my breath for a moment.

5 Yonder 08
I kissed her… *sigh* I can still feel that kiss.

5 Yonder 09
We then went to the park. The night was still beautiful and we talked about all kind of things. Her new found ability, … us… and how happy she was for the both of you.
Fred, she thinks highly of you and spoke of your friendship and what it means to her.

5 Yonder 10
We went to the swings. I swear, she brings out the child in me. If there was ever a time in my life that truly brought me happiness, it would’ve been last night. The time I spent with Barb.

5 Yonder 11
She excused herself to go to the bathroom. God, I must have been in another place and time. She was everywhere, in me, around me, in the air. And then I heard it. Her scream. I’ll never forget it. I can still hear her in my head. She was nowhere. I ran for hours looking for her. She was just gone.
Guys, we must find her now. I can’t bare this not knowing!”

5 Yonder 12
After Nita told us what he remembered, we then talked about where to start our search. Since I had this really bad feeling about Rex, I suggested we start there. So we got dressed and off we went.

5 Yonder 13We were too late… The house was empty.

5 Yonder 14
Rex was nowhere to be found. Cleaned out everything. There was not a sign that anyone had ever lived there. After some discussion we then decided to go check out the old boarded up building.

5 Yonder 15
When we arrived at the old building Sean said: “Hey, isn’t that Rex’s car?”
I told him “Yeah… that sure looks like his car.”

5 Yonder 16
Next thing that happened was Sean seeing him walk right into the building.

5 Yonder 17
We saw the door slam shut behind him and there seemed to be no way to get in. We decided to just wait for him to come out. Nita said he would see if there was another way to get into the building. All fired up he was ready to take on that piece of slime!

5 Yonder 18
Rex thought he was smart and made his exit from the rear side of the building. Just as he was turning the corner he ran right smack into the ready arms of an angry Nita.

5 Yonder 19
“Sean! Fred! Look what I found here!” We were three…. Rex was just by himself. We cornered him and Nita started right away with questions about Barb’s disappearance.

5 Yonder 20
“This is not the first time I’ve seen you lurking around here!” Nita started. “Your car was here the same day you moved next door to us.

5 Yonder 21
I’ve seen you staring at Barb, you knew she had a special gift didn’t you!?

5 Yonder 22
You probably overheard her talking about the gems.

5 Yonder 23
I saw you outside, after we left your house, watching us from behind your car!

5 Yonder 24
Since then I had this feeling you were up to something, never guessed you would… you would HARM such a lovely and good person like Barb!

5 Yonder 25
Tell me! What have you done to her? I AM RIGHT! I SAW YOU on our security camera outside!”
5 Yonder 26
“There is nowhere for you to go. You cannot run away and you cannot hide. It is over for you BUSTER!!”
5 Yonder 27
The sun had already set and Nita was not done yet with this Rex figure. They were shouting at each other.
“YOU WILL TELL ME what have you done to her and where SHE IS…NOW!!!!!”
“I haven’t done anything with Barb! Why do you come down here and accuse me?”

5 Yonder 28
Then, it seemed in a flash, they began to fight.

5 Yonder 29
Nita was much stronger and had to use his wisdom to hold back…, he could’ve killed him right there.

5 Yonder 30
When the fight was over Rex confessed he took Barb to the mine.
“Well then you best lead the way! You’ve had it mister, now your mine!” I said feeling very self-confident with both Sean and Nita with me.

5 Yonder 31
I was lagging behind. It felt like it took a real long time for me to catch up. I felt so sluggish, but look at everyone… “Hey…there’s Barb…. What is happening?
They all look… look soooo… happy! Wow look at all the rocks and gems! I hear something. What is that sound?

5 Yonder 32
I was really confused. Barb chatting away with Nita. Rex and Sean acting like friends. Why Barb didn’t even look like she was or had been missing. Is this some kind of joke? What’s that sound? What happened to the lights on the rocks?

5 Yonder 33
This is really weird. That sound… WHAT is that sound?
It’s getting louder now… I must be getting closer… There… behind the rock.

5 Yonder 34
I walked behind the large rock. OH MY GOD! It’s my…

5 Yonder 35
… baby crying from the next room. WOW! what a dream THAT was. I need to write that down. Oh Wow.. I could turn that into a story! I have to tell Sean about it when he wakes up, then I really need to call my sister Barb and Nita, oh… and Rex too, but first things first… my little one calls. I should invite them all over. Sean needs to see his brother after all…. Yes I’ll do that.

5 Yonder 36
So they came. Everyone. My sister Barb who is married to Nita, my husband Sean’s brother. My little brother Rex, I still think he has different parents *laughing softly to herself* neither Mom nor Dad have blond hair. Maybe it was the milkman? That’s what we always teased him about…. Oh… and there are my adorable children Holly and Rowan. My very special little family to call my own. Thank god, it was only a dream…………

5 Yonder 37
– OH!.Oh, OK… Barb you first! Folks… this is Barb, Spitzmagic… Give her a hand!

5 Yonder 38
– Ahum… OK…

5 Yonder 39
Spitzmagic: “Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting and following along with our story. Mike, thank you for letting us use one of your homes. (no homes were harmed in the process of making this story and don’t worry… it wasn’t really empty.) Fred thank you so much it would not have been possible without you. It is such a blessing to work with you. Oh and I had a blast!”

5 Yonder 40
I… I have no words…. I wrote down a little speech, but I can’t seem to find it… Barb said it all, she’s the writer after all…. Thanks everyone for all the great feedback! One more thing though…

5 Yonder 41
I’m so sad it’s over. Barb, you are such a great friend…. I will miss you as a writing buddy! (((HUGGGGS))))


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Geboren in Nederland en met een spanjaard getrouwd. Sinds 1971 wonende in Las Palmas op de Kanarische Eilanden. Ik ben beroeps gids en mijn hobby is verhaaltjes te schrijven, die op het spel De Sims zijn geïnspireerd. Nací en Holanda y me casé con un español. Desde 1971 vivimos en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Soy guía profesional y mi gran hobby es escribir historietas inspiradas en el juego de Los Sims.
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