Martoele Riverbanks

I have learned a lot from my first world and I truly hope you can see that now in my second world. So this is my second world created with the wonderful CAW tool.

Martoele Riverbanks is a populated and functional Sims 3 world. Als the name indicates, this world has been created on both sides of a mighty river.

The first settlers liked the presence of the waterfall to establish their humble homes. Later, the town expanded along both sides of the river. There’s a beautiful valley hidden behind the mountains where fairies like to live. Large forests and great fishing water. Many footpaths are here for those who’d like to explore walking and gathering. There’s even a crater where the most valuable gems can be found but you yourself will have to find a way to get inside that crater.

I used a Medium large flat map to start off with. Unfortunately I have not been able to surround that map with a ‘Distant Terrain’ map from the CAW tool. That’s one of the things I still have to learn.

There are 83 lots: 46 community lots – 18 lots with household – 19 lots without households, 1 empty beach lot and an empty, large lot (50:40) along the riverside.

All the community lots for the job seekers are included. Most of them are the known rabbit holes from EA. All the lots without a creator’s name were made by myself.

There are spawners that will start generating after some sim days of playing. Please pay close attention to the fact that I have all the expansions and stuff packs (except Katy Perry) that were used to create this world. If you wouldn’t have them, you would miss some  importants things that could be necessary to see this world as it was intended.

Custom content:

  • 2 rabbit hole rugs by Cazarupt-TSR
  • A holy cross, made by me
  • No store items have been used.

The result is a nice, easy to play world but if you experience problems you are welcome to tell me. The download holds the world in a zip file and is about 57 MB. Have fun!