Abnerfield – The Story

00An altruistic mission set
not for greed or fortune get

A good man’s rest lies in knowing
his lovely relics return to showing

in the place where first they graced
as glimpses of love soon effaced

love thrice dreamt yet none embraced


This, my dear readers, is a story about The extraordinary Abnerfield adventure. You have to see it to believe it. My dear friend Gissence made this adventure come to life. And I am here to tell you a little about what happened prior to the Abnerfield becoming a tomb…

Watch this trailer to get in the mood… if you haven’t already…

01Skeet Abnerschiemer. His Edwardian parents named him Omeet which the other kids were just ruthless with when the family moved to the Midwest…
But eventually they grew bored with teasing him, and began to call him Skeet because of his talent for knocking clay pigeons out of the sky.

By young adulthood nobody even knew his real first name.

02As an adult, Skeet picked up a number of jobs, but he couldn’t work for anyone else. His mind was consumed with things and gadgets that had to be brought to life. Skeet became an inventor to make the impossible possible.

Even though no one wanted to buy his many trinkets and artwork, he was oblivious. He had set his mind on his own private museum. It became his life, and his obsession.

03He thought that once he had enough art he would have the admiration of all the people living in this remote corner of the world.

Like all addictions, his art collection began by buying one painting. Then another…


And before long he had visited every art auction in the state. But it wasn’t enough.

05So Skeet started collecting books as well. The Abnerfield Library was enormous, and Skeet spent years reading about other cultures and exotic places. He knew there existed treasures in this world beyond belief.

06He pledged to Socrates that he would gather all the beauty from the ancient world to fill his many chambers. As Skeet was the only offspring of his wealthy parents, money was no issue…


As a child, Skeet had dreams about the antiques that Egypt would provide him with. And he had rooms available for everything he would find there.

08And Skeet found treasures… many of them. One treasure was his guide, Azra. Skeet was too focused on the “goods” she was leading him to, to truly realize that Azra was a pretty woman. She was good company though.

09She told him she was promised to a very old man named Ahmed. Was that why she went to school to learn history and archeology? To only be good for providing him with at least 10 children? She didn’t think so.
Skeet thought that this bright young woman had a lot to be thankful for. An education for a young woman like herself in this part of the world was remarkable.

10Skeet was proud of himself for making such a successful excursion. Egypt had proven to be a good choice. He had been able to bring home the fat of the land. Perhaps that would not be possible today.

Although no one ever visited him, whenever he felt lonely, he would gaze at his treasures, a museum built for one. Not a single soul in this small city knew a thing about the collection of wonderful art in the remote Abnerfield Mansion.

11When he opened the shrine he brought back, he was in for a surprise.

12Azra was not willing to marry old Ahmed and had hitched a free ride to the new world.

13We could tell you how they both reacted, how it was set up so that she could stay… but it is not necessary. After all, it was very obvious that Skeet hungered for Azra, and Azra was very taken with Skeet.

14…They got married.

15But his new marriage could not overcome his obsession. The private museum was begging for more art. The time had come. Skeet had to go on another trip.

Would Azra be fine while he was gone?

16It’ll be only for a week my love. I will be back before you know it…

17He couldn’t have known.

18Azra didn’t know what to do with herself.

19The moment Skeet left, Azra had no heart to enjoy anything. without her love around, she became focused on grieving and simply forgot to eat until it was too late.

20After 3 days of sobbing and crying… Azra died of hunger.

21Perhaps it was then that Grim began to take interest in Skeet’s life.
… and he took Azra as well.

22… The only thing left was the Egyptian relic. Skeet was devastated… He would never recover from Azra’s death. The little music box he had bought her was still open, playing its melancholic song.

23Skeet withdrew into his little corner of the vast changing world around him.
But time heals, and the obsession would not be denied. After a while to mourn, he went on another journey.

24France had a lot to offer. He intended to come home with many artefacts …

25… such as the one that the blond woman was buying right now. She noted his interest and smiled.

26Her name was Gisèle de Fortunée. She owned an extensive art collection herself. Maybe he was interested in seeing it?

If she had more pieces like that statue, Skeet was certainly interested.

27Her place was on par with his own estate. He might be able to do some business with her, but money alone would not be sufficient persuasion.

28Despite her intimidating wealth, Gisele turned out to be quite bubbly and very nice. She gave him a tour, but all that Skeet really had an interest in was the statue, and… perhaps Gisèle’s blue eyes.

29And when she invited him to stay for dinner, he knew that both exquisite treasures would be coming home with him.

30Gisèle moved in. The sparkle in her eyes set Skeet’s heart on fire. He once again was a happy man.

31and he married her…

32One evening Skeet kissed his wife goodnight before turning in early and promising he would be awake when she lay down next to him. And Gisèle promised that she wouldn’t be long… she just had to put the fire out.

33The room filled with smoke. The toxic fumes made her drowsy. Probably the fireplace hadn’t been used for a very long time, and birds had been nesting in the chimney.

34Gisèle had no way to escape the blazing fire.

It was over before she knew what hit her.

He knew.

36After Gisèle died, Skeet went into a catatonic state. The only person he talked to for half a year was that strange looking man he saw in the mirror every morning who needed that beard trimmed badly.

37The Abnerfield breathed heavily through his sorrow, moaning: “You still have me to take care of…”

38An unexpected visit from Feng Choo finally brought him out of his miserable state. Feng had seen many, many treasures during his trip to China to visit family. The old hunger triggered Skeet to go on yet another trip. He would live for his collection from this day forward.

He packed his bags.

39He was mesmerized by the beauty of that mystical place. But though he found vases and small golden statues, he was not yet satisfied. He explored ancient tombs and learned about the old technologies, ingenious traps and systems. He was not yet satisfied.

40When he met Jade, the tide changed.
She knew where to find the treasure he was truly looking for.

On his 10th day, he found The Lioness statue. Success.

41Skeet returned home with The Lioness in his trunk and with Jade at his side.

42Skeet soon found himself enchanted with the exotic Jade. She was a gift straight from the heavens, it seemed.

43She didn’t say anything, but he knew that destiny was paving the road he had to travel.

44Skeet married her…

45His hunger for collecting had been satisfied for the time being, so Skeet returned to inventing. Jade would keep him company sometimes, but the telescope collection intrigued her. Was it possible to get one for her, to keep her busy when she was not studying?

46And so Jade spent her days gazing at the sky.

47Until one day…

The sky looked back …
And took Jade by surprise… Just when Skeet was coming down to talk to her.

48That was the final straw.

49Now he knew it for certain. He was not supposed to be married.
His true love was meant to be … the Abnerfield. This groaning, breathing house.

50In his madness, he descended into the depths of the house, taking the relics with him. He would hide them. And then he would wait for Grim to come to him …

51He thought of all kinds of puzzles that would mislead anyone who dared to look for them.
It was HIS museum.

No one would ever find his treasures. No one.

52Skeet never set foot outside his living tomb again. The Abnerfield had consumed him. Along with everything he once owned.

It was too late now to undo what he had done. Too late…

53This good man’s rest lies in knowing
his lovely relics return to showing…

54I am brave enough to explore the bowels of the Abnerfield and do what must be done. I am brave enough…

Are you?



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