A ghost in the Attic


Attic 01

Thanks to Mike/Liberty (TSR) for letting me use his Sunset Colony House along with the Cemetery. What an awesome place. Please leave comments and please rate. Thank you for reading. Please enjoy this ghostly tale.
(Please Note screenshots 30 and 31. Are the from Mike’s Lot information. That is his description of the Lot. I felt it needed to be here with the story.)

Attic 02

I am Affera StJohn. Having just arrived in town, staring at my new residence. Yes this
must be the place. I had received a letter inside was a key, the letter said that I had inherited this Estate from a relative, I didn’t even know I had.

Attic 03

Man, do I really have to walk through a Cemetery. Quite creepy, cold, and lonely. The old gate was rusted. The vines ran wild, crawling along the brick wall.

Attic 04

I made my way through the cemetery, now at the gate to the old house. The big house loomed over the cemetery like a hungry giant, waiting in the background to gobble me up. It was very quiet except for the wind rustling the leaves of the trees.

Attic 05

I opened the gate, it left behind me a creaking sound of rust and metal.
My heart was pounding as I got closer to the house. The hairs on my arms
stood up and followed the path up to the back of my neck. Just then “BANG” went the gate as it slammed shut behind me, making me jump.

Attic 06

The front door opened just as I got to it. It squeaked as the metal hinges groaned with use. Oh man, girl, get it together. Things like that are only suppose to happen in the movies or well a scary novel if you like reading things of that sort.

Attic 07

I was truly afraid to walk in the house. Who opened the door? I don’t see anyone.

Attic 08

I felt as though I was in a dream, a daze, the hallway seem to grow long and narrow as I stood there frozen.

Attic 09

I walked into the foyer. The house indeed felt old. The old wood panels were cracked.
Smells old. As you would know, the door closed behind me and I did not close it.
It was like it was sealing my fate. Yes I think I was scared.

Attic 10

I walked into the living room and discovered the fireplace. A fire is just what I need right now. Warm against my skin. The humidity was really heavy I had hoped the fire would dry the air a bit.

Attic 11

From out of nowhere a blaze blew out of the fire place, I fainted.

Attic 12

When I came to. I saw no fire. It was as if it never happened. I know good and well the fire came out of that fire place, but yet nothing was burnt. I don’t know how long I was out. Maybe I imagined it. I need a drink of water or something and then I’ll go look at the rest of the house.

Attic 13

The 2nd floor of the house contained an office-library. It was beautiful, oh I so love books. The smell of them. The old binders with the worn out pages of being turned over and over again. It was enough to make me forget about what happened downstairs. I continued to roam about.

Attic 14

Here on the 2nd floor I found the room for me. My bedroom. It was nice and spacious and very lovely. I went to look out the window. Oh my goodness, I’m not so sure about this. From my bedroom window you can see the cemetery below. OOOH here we go again. Creepy indeed.

Attic 15

The 3rd floor housed something completely out of the ordinary. I did not know what to think about this. On the 3rd floor were two more bedrooms, plus this one. It was empty and dark, except for this crib. I felt chills all around, all over my body. I did not stay in here very long.

Attic 16

The Attic. There are two doors up here. One door to the left of the stairs the other to the right. They were both locked. The one key I received did not open these doors. I began to have trouble breathing. My throat closed as the moisture claimed my lungs. It was as if my lungs were filling with water. Once I gained control. I ran downstairs taking two at a time.

Attic 17

Later I wasn’t quite so shaky. Just drained and tired. What a spooky old house. The wind seeps in though the windows. Howling. I’m not real sure I can stay here.

Attic 18

It was time to retire for the night.

Attic 19

As I reached the hall. The moisture felt so thick that my skin felt wet. I shook it off with a shudder. “Oh just stop it” I told myself. To my room I went.

Attic 20

I was having a hard time sleeping. The air just became thick and moist. Was I sweating?

Attic 21

Strange noises woke me up. They were coming from downstairs. Someone was on the stairs. I could hear the footsteps.

Attic 22

Stomp… stomp… stomp

Attic 23

As I came down into the landing , there I saw this eerie blue haze, a fog like mist hovering in the air. The air was so damp I saw the moisture on my skin. I thought what the hell.

Attic 24

The noise, I heard it in the living room. I ran towards to sound. The plant was floating. Oh…. I thought I was going to faint right then.

Attic 25

It seemed that all at once the house came alive. A noise in the kitchen. I went to see and oh god the stove was being picked up by some invisible force. I’m leaving now. I’m getting out of this house. I can’t stay here another minute.

Attic 26

And that’s when I saw him.

Attic 27

I fainted yet again.

Attic 28

When I came to. I decided it was time to do some research and find out what I could about the house, who the ghost was and who in the world was this relative I didn’t know I had. I wondered if the ghost was somehow related to me.

Attic 29

It was early still. I do hope City Hall is open. Here they gave me a box. And recommended I go to the Library. The box I opened right away. It was a key.

Attic 30

The Librarian pulled out a book said read chapter 15.
“This house was the first house here in Sunset Valley. In front of the house you’ll find the Oldest Cemetery of Sunset Valley but because it’s located in front of a house a lot of people went demonstrating at City Hall for a new cemetery. That happened and the Cemetery was abandoned.”
Next I read through some old newspapers.

Attic 31

Another story in the paper read: The house is most likely haunted according to the legends of Sunset Valley. There are fires out of nowhere, people have drowned (that’s why they closed the pool) but nobody seems to know how or why. The legend also tells us that the deceased people are haunting the place, and there’s 1 grave unaccounted for. they say the urn is in the attic. Only the attic is sealed off.

Attic 32

I have a key. Next step was the Attic. As I got closer to the house. I could see a figure up there in the window.

Attic 33

The key opened the door.

Attic 34

By the time I got into the room the figure was gone.

Attic 35

There it was. The missing Urn. I still don’t know yet who the ghost is.

Attic 36

In the next room. An old box.

Attic 37

The box contained an old book. The history of the StJohn’s. This book was about my family. My father’s side whom I never knew. My Third great Uncle had settled here and built this house just behind the cemetery. The book noted that Rhett, my third cousin or something whatever…Had drowned. He surely is the ghost.

Attic 38

I put the book away. I knew now what I needed to do. I had to help this ghost find peace. This time I will stay awake to meet him.

Attic 39

I caught him in the hall. This time I did not faint.

Attic 40

As I got to know him. He didn’t mean to scare every one out of the house. Family after Family left screaming. He only wanted to be set free from the attic…; to be with his wife in the Cemetery.

Attic 41

I said I would get him a tomb stone and bury his Urn there next to his wife’s grave. If I can find it. I haven’t spent any time there.

Attic 42

I hugged him goodbye. I would take care of it in the morning.

Attic 43

I found his wife’s grave and placed him beside hers just as I had promised.

Attic 44

Well, the ghost may remain. But I know they will not harm me. It only means that I might faint ….a lot. Rhett, my 3rd cousin or something whatever. Rest in Peace…..

The End




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