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Martoele Meadows – A world by Martoele

01 - PreviewTraditionally this world was a small neighborhood for farmers but time changes everything. It has changed into a small town where not everybody can have the luxury of a garden.
To honor their traditions, the government has prepared an area of small community gardens where the citizens can go freely to work the soil. Well, they could even buy one of those small lots in property and sell their crops.
Expansion packs:
I have them all: World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise and Into the Future.

Size: Medium large, flat map

Various spawners are added and they will start spawning after some days of playing.

Lots: 51 community lots – 20 lots with households – 17 lots without household – 16 empty lots.

All the necessary community lots for the job seekers are included. I used the ones EA made for us.
Custom content: I only added one custom rabbit hole rug by Misty to make the little Beach Bistro functional. And 5 CC textures.

Credit: The wonderful people who gave permission to use some of their lots. In game you can see the names of the builders. If there’s no name, then the lot was built by myself. Some of my sims have been made by Marle Fuentes.

The Download button will be activated on Saturday, 23-5-2015 at the Download tab in the category ‘Worlds’.

02 - Town seen from island

03 - Rainy day








During over one year and a half I have been working on making an own world. A simple world because working with that marvelous Create-a-World tool EA gave to us, is not so easy for me.

I would have loved to make something spectacular like a hidden tomb but due to the lack of time, it was an impossible goal for me.

With the new Sims saga (Sims4), I lost a little bit of my enthousiasme for my world but I wouldn’t like to just throw it away. I thought there still would be people interested in playing Sims3 so I decided to offer it here for download. Perhaps some of you could play a little with it and make a list indicating what should be changed. I don’t want to put the link here because I consider the world has not been finished yet. So if you want to beta test this world, please contact me: and I will send you the link.

The world is called ‘MartoeleMeadows’. Here is an overview of this medium size world.

Screenshot-01There are 35 lots. Some of them were built by Fredbrenny (TSR), some others by TimeaKiss (TSR) and builders from some members of Sims-Extremos, like Salay, Roxsims and Marle Fuentes. Each lot has got that information as well in the world. The ones where I only indicate the characterics of the lots were built by myself. You will find many small lots in this world and they are prepared in ‘blocks’ around a community park. Many of those blocks show cozy corners. Here an overview of one of those blocks.

Screenshot-13On the next pictures you can see some details of this same block.


Screenshot-11There are still many empty places that can be used to build your own creations. Further there are of course all the necessary community lots, especially those needed for the jobs. I have used community lots from EA (too lazy to build them myself), exception made for the graveyard which has been built by me.

Screenshot-43Between the different blocks I made footpaths and have given them their own names. Some of the lots have the entrance next to the path.

Screenshot-27There are some mysterious looking places in MartoeleMeadows. They have not been worked yet. It depends on how this world is accepted. If the beta testers think it’s good enough… then I would consider to use those mysterious spots for a hidden tomb.

The world with the lots included is in a zip file of 45.1 MB.

There are 23 households prepared for this world. I credit my friends from Sims-Extremos for some of them.

During the beta-testing time you can test with your own sims or the ones generated by the game itself… It’s a lot of work to install the households already to form part of the world, above all before the testing is done. When the world is completely right, I’ll add the households and offer it for download.

I haven’t used costum content or store content in the world but I built the world having all the expansions installed and patched.

When you encounter a problem like ‘sims can’t enter the house or a special room’, most of the time it would be enough to take the door in question up and place it again. A good idea as well is after the first time being in the world, go back to the main menu and restart the world again. Mind you…. perhaps this isn’t even necessary but I tell this just in case there are troubles.

You won’t find here the Download button yet because I want to have this beta version of the world tested by some volunteers. If you are willing to help with that, send me a comment and I’ll pass you the link to the world.


2 Responses to MartoeleMeadows World

  1. Alena says:

    Hi, can I test this town?

    • margotoele says:

      Hi Alena. How nice of you to answer to my test request. Yes of course you may test this town. Keep in mind that I have all the expansion packs and although I only used stuff from the game, it would be possible that you miss some furniture if you don’t have al the expansions. I must say that right now 2 other persons are testing as well. When you install the world you will have the lots but the households that were made for this world aren’t there yet. Anyway… if you have this world open for some minutes, the game will generate sims you can use while testing the lots, the roads and the playability in general. I will add my own sims after taking all the errors out. Remember this is now a beta version so I wouldn’t like to put the link here in the open for everyone to see and to download. If you contact me through my e-mail that would be fine and I’ll send you the link to your e-mail. Please, contact me here: The best way of letting me know about issues in the world would be making a text file and specify the lot names and the issues. Then from there I can make the changes. For me it’s very important to deliver a good and playable world.

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