The Stormyweather Family

The Stormyweathers

01Lillywhite Stormyweather just celebrated her birthday.  She put the babies in their cribs some hours ago and the older children just went to bed.  Lillywhite stood on the balcony and enjoyed the fresh evening air. She had the most beautiful view of the town from this balcony, and she was just enjoying it and soaking it all in.

She turned around, and watched the fire spitting pipes of the Smelters Crag on her left. She wondered why it still hurt after so many years.

02Her memories went back to the past. In her younger years she had been a pretty woman. She was engaged to Cinderly Bernewell, the nicer half of the Bernewell twins. In those days he was the most desirable young man in town.

03They could have been very happy if he wouldn’t have been obsessed with finding ‘something’ buried deep in the Smelters Crag. He was convinced that he would conquer that Crag.

Lillywhite smiled bitterly…; he hadn’t even been sure of what he was looking for! He promised to come back very soon, surely before their wedding day.  Cinderly went on his big adventure to never return again.

04Lillywhite had been very sad and thought she would never love again. But some years later a new lover came her way.

05Marinus (Merlin Shoredish’s uncle) was a fisherman and she panicked when he spoke about ‘water that could put out the fire’.

06The old obsession of all the people in Fratres came up again. Each family on Fratres was represented by the element they were born with, and most just refused to hang out with people from other elements. That’s the way it was… always had been…  All wanted the same… All wanted to reestablish harmony here on Fratres. They all pretended that only… and only their own element was the most important one.

07It was as if the Smelters Crag called out to the men of Fratres and come look for something specific in its bowels.
So once more she lost a fiancé to the Smelters Crag. As a matter of fact, they hadn’t been declared dead officially, they just had entered the Crag and never came out again. She decided to stay on her own, stay single and live a secluded life.

08But as it so happened, she ran into Woolf Woodcock, a young boy who had lost his parents. Nobody knew how, and she felt so sorry for him. He was pleased when Lillywhite invited him to live in her big house…. Now she had someone to live for and to take care of. Shortly after the boy’s birthday, Lillywhite  found a little crying girl, Arabella Clover, standing near the entrance of Moresheth Luminus, the Earth tomb.


The Police gave Lillywhite permission to take care of the girl until her parents would show up, but… they never did. As these children’s parents weren’t officially declared as deceased, she was not allowed to legally adopt them and could only be their tutor.

10They really started to feel like a family. It gave purpose to Lillywhite’s life and so it was, after some time, that she adopted two babies. Willoughby Furniss and Guinevere Sprodelwasser, children from different families and different elements.

11Lillywhite being the Air element herself, wanted to show the world that the different elements can live together ,and perhaps, just maybe… unifying the elements they would be able to restore the lost harmony. Could the children she took in bring her idealistic education to a good end? It was still an open question. She really hoped so, but lately she had seen the looks of understanding between Woolf and Arabella when they were close to the Transferium.

12Until when could she forbid them to go in there? She didn’t know Woolf was ‘investigating’ on his own already on he could contribute to restore the former glory. Woolf wasn’t really sure, but he thought that perhaps the Lighthouse had much to do with it. Why wasn’t it lit? Could he do something about it?

13He pressed his lips together and his jaws hardened. He was almost sure that each tomb would hold an element that would be needed. Needed for what? He didn’t know yet, but all seemed to be linked together, like a big master plan… He surely wasn’t going to tell Lillywhite, but he was planning his own strategies … He wouldn’t stay a teenager forever!

However… he was clever enough to understand he couldn’t do it all by himself… What… if friends from different elements would help him…? A revolutionary idea came to his mind but he wasn’t quite sure how to get his ducks in a row…

Maybe you can help him out?


If you are interested in this world with the tombs to explore, follow the next link to the Fratres World. You can download it for free at:



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